Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Flowers

I don't know if any of you celebrate May Day at all.  It's not a very mainstream holiday.  But for me, May 1st was always a special day.

Every year on May Day when I was a little girl my mom surprised me with a little bouquet of flowers hanging on my bedroom door after school.  When I graduated and went to college far away, she started having a florist deliver flowers to me on May 1st.

This year, I decided to share the merriment by leaving some flowers on my friend Alejandra's front door as a surprise.  I got the idea well in advance, so I had time to craft a hanging vase about a week ago.  All I used was a spaghetti sauce jar I'd saved and larger gauge jewelry wire.  I wrapped the wire around the neck of the jar and then made a tall arch above the jar so that it could hang on the door.  Then, I fashioned a tag out of some leftover jute from my St. Patrick's Day project, some corrugated cardboard and scrapbook paper to make a tag.

With my hanging vase ready, on May Day all I had to do was fill it with flowers and leave it on my surprisee's door.  I picked up a couple of small bunches of flowers from Publix and threw together an inexpensive, springy bouquet.

I chose pink and white Gerber Daisies with a leafy green spray, but my boyfriend had the idea to add just one yellow daisy (from the May Day bouquet he bought me!) for personality.  It turned out really cute and cheery! 

Then I sneakily and quietly left the flowers on Alejandra's door for her to find and snapped a few pictures while I was at it.


She told me this evening that she found the flowers and, basically, was thrilled.  It made me feel happy to have put a little joy in someone's day.

I hope all of you had happy May Days, too.  Until next time, happy crafting!


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