The Author

Hello, there!  I'm Madison, but my nickname is Tina.
And sometimes Tinarannosaurus.  Grar!
I spent the first 17 years of my life in St. Louis, MO.

Image source.
But 5 years ago I left my family behind to go to school and start my adult life in Florida, where I still live.

Now I have a new mini family...  

My fiance, Tyler...

(He says, "Hi!")

  And our dog, Monica, whom we treat like a baby.

(She says, "Hi," too.)

I have a bachelor's degree in advertising and work as a key account executive at a major daily newspaper company.

But ever since I bought my first sewing machine at a yard sale, my first passion has been sewing and crafting.
My first sewing machine before it went to its new home!
And I love sharing my creations with you here at Crafty Critique, so I hope you'll stick around awhile and get inspired! :)

Thanks for reading!
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