The goal of Crafty Critique is to inspire you, the reader.

So many wonderful blogs and online tutorials have provided endless inspiration and instruction for me as I've learned (and am still learning) to sew.  Thus, my goal for Crafty Critique is to serve as an inspiration to you, just as other blogs have inspired me.  I hope that by using my blog you will realize that you, too, can learn to sew almost anything you can imagine.

Here you'll find all you need to get inspired to do it yourself!  Check out reviews of others' tutorials to find out what to look for before you start on a specific tutorial, visit the Recommended Tutorials page to find tutorials I think are wonderful and achievable for anyone, or jump straight to my own original tutorials to get started on a crafting project right away.  I hope the information I have shared will be useful to you.  Have a look around and please enjoy yourself!

Thanks for visiting and happy crafting!

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