Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hot/Cold Therapy Pillow Gifts

Hello there!  It turns out I didn't get to finish my quilt this weekend after all.  Silly me forgot to prewash the rest of my fabric!  I wanted to get my sewing on, though, so I spent this afternoon working on a hot/cold therapy pillow for one of my co-workers who has tennis elbow right now.  It was the perfect project since I already had all the supplies on hand--even the rice!

It had been awhile since I made one of these, so I had to check out my own tutorial for the dimensions.  Lol!  But once I got into the project I remember what a simple, quick, and satisfying project it was, so I made another for my step sister and niece.  I can't wait to give them away.  :)

I hope you had a great weekend and got in a little crafting!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ew! The Flu!

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for all your kind and supporting words when my sewing machine was broken a few days ago!  It is fixed now and I am so anxious to move forward with my project.  It's so close to finished!

Unfortunately, though, I've spent the past week caring for my poor sick fiance, who has a bad case of Influenza A!  (Get your flu shots, everyone!  It's no bueno this year!)  He's feeling much better now, so hopefully I'll be able to get back to work this weekend.  In the meantime, here's a little sneak peak of my project progressing...and my cat and her catnip toy.

Hope you're doing well!  Thanks for stopping by, and happy crafting!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sometimes I Want to Throw My Sewing Machine Out a Window

Last night I was about halfway through a big project and my sewing machine quit working.  Sometimes when this happens if I come back later it just magically works, so I went to bed with intentions to finish up the project this morning before the fiance returns home from California.

This is not my actual sewing machine...just a picture from the interwebs!

But this morning the problem persists! It seems to be a problem with the thread not pulling through the bobbin.  I tried changing my bobbin and loosening my tension.  I tried removing everything from the underworkings of my sewing machine and putting it back together.  Nothing.  So I can't finish my project!  It makes me so frustrated!  Any ideas?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends!  I've never been much of a partier, so I didn't spend my New Year's Eve drinking or even out like most people.  Instead, a close friend of mine went to dinner with the early birds (everyone in our section was over 50 and drinking iced tea), then hit up the grocery store to get our shopping done for the week.  Once that was finished, we hung out at her apartment and talked about our New Year's Resolutions.  Mine are:

1. Eat out less
2. Refinance/consolidate student loans
3. Save money
4. Go on more date nights
5. Make more bucket lists to help me enjoy the seasons
6. Make a quilt
7. Focus more on the positive and less on the negative

My friend lives near downtown, so at midnight we broke out our sparklers and walked downtown to see the fireworks display.  Not a bad night!  I hope your New Year's Eve went just as well.

Thanks for reading!


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