Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cute, Smart Kitchen Towels

 Still not a lot of sewing going on around these parts, but I'm definitely getting antsy to get behind my sewing machine again.  Luckily I'm getting used to my new routine and getting my energy back, so I've got my eye on a few projects.  And the tutorials are certainly piling up on my Pinterest boards!

Here's a set of projects I think I'll conquer soon (links to the original posts are in the captions)...

Fancy Pants Kitchen Towels from Stolen Moments
 Aren't these kitchen towel tutorials beautiful, not to mention brilliant?!  I'm always annoyed at how the kitchen towels fall off the stove, and this totally solves the problem!  Plus, it's totally adorable.  Wouldn't they make nice, simple hostess gifts for Thanksgiving?

Hand Towel Love from The Creamer Chronicles
I have to bake an early-birthday cake and sneak around to get a special early-birthday present for my boyfriend tomorrow (since we'll be in Missouri for my step sister's wedding on his real birthday next weekend!), but hopefully I'll get the chance to get to at least one project this weekend, anyway!

What projects have you been working on?  More than I have, I hope!  I'll let you know how the projects go this weekend. 

Thanks for being so patient with my lack of crafting and regular posts/tutorials lately!  I really do appreciate my readers sticking by me in this life transition of mine.  Thanks also to those of you who helped fill in the gaps by guest posting!  (If anyone else wants to volunteer for that, shoot me an email.  I'd still appreciate the help!)

Until next time, happy crafting!



  1. o these are a great idea! i too get SOOO annoyed when they fall off...or my little guy pulls them off hehe...thanks for sharin girl!

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