Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spray Painted Owl: Ugly or Neat? You Weigh In!

When I started my job back in October, there was this really ugly owl perching on the ledge of my cubicle.  You know, one of those brown plastic ones they use to scare away rats and pigeons at gas stations.  Yeah.  Terrifying.

Anyway, no one knows who he belongs to, so I inherited him as a cubicle decoration.  Or something.  The hideous thing has been staring me down as I do my work every day for six months now, so this weekend I took him home with me determined to prettify him.  Or something.
By the by, I took this pic on my phone and texted it with no message to my mom.  I'm pretty sure she thinks I've gone nuts.
Owl, meet gold spray paint.

I had this spray paint left over from a fall wreath project I did a few years back, and gold just happens to be one of the school colors for the independent college newspaper I work for.  So I sprayed him with three light coats and voila:

He looks like a giant freakin' trophy.  I'm not sure if this is any more attractive, but it's less scary and will definitely add some novelty and, dare I say, retro/vintage bling to my office space.  What do you think?

In other news, the pallet patio table is coming along, although taking a lot longer to finish than anticipated.  We're about half finished with the painting, and then we'll start working on the top-secret part of the project that will make my patio table way more awesome than one I could have bought in any store.  So stay tuned.  I promise to give you the details soon!

Thanks for stopping by today and reading.  I really appreciate all your support!  I hope you're having a great weekend and are super excited for Easter tomorrow!  Until next time, happy crafting! :)



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