Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Craft List

For the past few years I've noticed that I no longer have a big Christmas Wish List.  When asked what I want for Christmas, I simply come up blank.  Now that I've graduated from college and am working, time is more precious and the holidays are more about slowing down and enjoying the beauty of the season around me--spending time with loved ones, enjoying all the pretty decorations, eating good food, and crafting, of course!  So instead of my Christmas Wish List, today I want to share with you my Christmas Craft List.  I've got a few projects in the making as we speak!  (Updates to come!)

1.   White Pinecone Wreath with Cardinals and Red Ornaments via Better Homes & Gardens

I found this beautiful project on Pinterest, and fell in love immediately.  Over the years I started collecting all my Christmas ornaments based on color (silver and bright red glittered ornaments), but somehow ended up buying all snowy bird and pinecone ornaments.  What can I say?  I have a thing for birds and pinecones.  Anyway, this wreath is right up my alley and I can't wait to hang it on my living room wall to go along with the rest of my Christmas decor.  I've already bought the supplies, and I'll be making the wreath with a few modifications.

2. Christmas Tree Photos via Lil Blue Boo

Okay, so this isn't exactly a craft, but perhaps my favorite part of Christmas is the Christmas tree.  I spend hours each season laying on the couch just looking at the twinkling lights and shining ornaments.  And there really is nothing better than curling up with my little dog on the couch and peacefully gazing at the tree.

I try my best to photograph my tree each year, but it's so hard to do!  So I was ecstatic when I found this tutorial by Lil Blue Boo on taking great photos of your Christmas tree.  Since I got a new camera for my birthday this year, I'm excited to try it out.

3. Christmas Stockings via Noodlehead

Two years ago I used Noodlehead's Christmas Stocking tutorial to make these stockings. (You can read the post about the stockings here.) It was my first real sewing project, and I was super proud of how they turned out, despite my sub-par embroidery skills and accidentally using the wrong color bias tape on my own stocking (whoops!).

Since our garage flooded and a bunch of our Christmas decorations got moldy (thank you, tropical storm Debbie!), I decided to make some new stockings this year using the same tutorial.  I'll be sure to share the pictures once they're finished!

4.  Hot Cocoa Mix in a Jar via My Baking Addiction

While we decorated our Christmas tree this year, we enjoyed some homemade hot cocoa and popcorn.  It was so yummy, we decided to package it up in a jar, wrap it with a cute label, and give it out as Christmas gifts to co-workers and neighbors.  My Baking Addiction has a great recipe and how-to, but there are lots of variations.  For more variations, consider adding peppermint pieces, caramels, and marshmallows to the mix, or consider adding salt or cayenne pepper in the recipe to bring out the sweetness.

5.  Upside Down Tomato Cage Christmas Tree via New England Design & Construction

This is another good project I found on Pinterest.  Since last year was the first year we actually lived in a house instead of an apartment for Christmas, we're still lacking in the outdoor Christmas light department.  For about $8 I just love this creative idea--turn a tomato cage upside down ($4.78 at Lowe's for a 54") and wrap with plenty of Christmas lights (as low as $2.69 for 100ct at Lowe's), and you've got a DIY outdoor lighted Christmas tree for your yard decorations!  I'll definitely be doing this!

I hope this post gets you inspired for your Christmas craft projects.  Thanks for reading, and as always, happy crafting!



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