Friday, March 29, 2013

59 Ideas for Simple Adult Easter Baskets

Ever notice that most holidays seem to be geared around kids?  Since I'm in my early twenties and don't have a family of my own yet, I find myself putting a grown-up spin on most holiday traditions.  My fiance and I usually exchange Easter baskets, but this year I also decided to put together an Easter basket for a few co-workers and friends.

My formula for Easter baskets is simple, and I like to keep it around $10.  You need a Chocolate bunny, an Easter candy favorite (like Cadbury Eggs, Peeps, or jelly beans), and a trinket (think classic toys like Pinwheels, Slinky, bubbles, Yo-Yos, etc.).  

For an adult, I like to grab one of the cute spring pails out of the dollar aisle at Target.  Then I stuff the bottom with shredded green paper and nestle in a dark chocolate bunny in place of a milk chocolate one, a traditional Easter candy, some dark chocolates (Dove makes great little purple foil wrapped chocolate eggs).  Trinkets are easy for adults, too, if you just think about what your friend enjoys doing.

I have one friend who posts a lot of pictures of nails on Pinterest, so I gave her a nail polish in a plastic egg (which I got on sale at CVS)...

And a co-worker who loves to garden, so I got a packet of Lavender and a Lavender garden stake for $2.99 at Target.

And sometimes a wind-up chick is just fun. :)

Before you know it you'll have a whole bunch of beautiful Easter baskets! :)

If you need a few more grown up Easter basket ideas, here are a few:

For the Foodie
  1. Egg timer
  2. Whisk
  3. Tea Infuser or Tea Bag Rest
  4. Wooden Spoons
  5. Loose-leaf tea
  6. Novelty kitchen items (shop online here)
  7. Mini bottles of wine
  8. Package of nuts, pasta, or coffee
  9. Spoon rest
  10. Use a colander instead of a basket
For the Crafter
  1. Knitting Needles
  2. Crochet Needle
  3. Embroidery thread in plastic eggs
  4. Ball of yarn
  5. Scrapbooking stickers or stamps
  6. Pretty beads in plastic eggs
  7. Bundle of charms or fat quarters
  8. Spools of thread
  9. Colorful buttons in an egg
  10. Spools of ribbon/ric-rac
For the Gardener
  1. Gardening gloves
  2. Pretty spade, trimmers, or hand rake (like this one)
  3. Garden Stakes
  4. Seed packets
  5. Bulbs
  6. Mini garden gnomes
  7. Mini gazing balls
  8. Seed bombs
  9. Crystal sun catchers
  10. Use a pretty pot or watering can instead of a basket 
For the Fashionista
  1. Nail polish in a plastic egg
  2. Manicure kits
  3. Sleep masks
  4. Face mask mix
  5. Make-up (eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, eye liner, etc.)
  6. Costume Jewelry
  7. Make-up brushes
  8. Mini soaps/lotions
  9. Perfume or body spray
For the Professional
  1. Chord organizers
  2. iPhone Cables (try to find colorful ones for Easter)
  3. USB sticks (they make lots of fun ones these days!)
  4. Cute notepads
  5. Nice pens or pencils
  6. Business card holder
  7. Pretty phone case
  8. Cuff links
  9. Car charger for phones/tablets
  10. $5 Sarbucks Gift Card
For the Builder
  1. Nails or screws
  2. Wood glue
  3. Hammer, screw drivers, or wrench
  4. Staples for staple gun
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Level
  7. L-Ruler or T-Ruler
  8. Stud finder
  9. Carpetner Pencils
  10. Use a Mason's Bag instead of a basket


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