Wednesday, March 20, 2013

French Board 2.0

Back in February, we did a Secret Admirer Valentine exchange at work.  I took pictures of all the valentines I made so that I could share with you here, but apparently forgot.  So here I am now.

The idea of the exchange was to leave little trinkets on your Valentine's desk all week long.  I left cookies and pinwheels and really weird cards to try and throw her off all week long...

...but on the last day I gave her this homemade french board.

Of course, this totally gave away that it was me, since you may remember I made this french board for my own cubicle at work awhile back:

Oh well!  I had a blast making it, and she enjoyed receiving it.  I love the way the colors look together.

This is one of those easy DIY projects that is so satisfying.  You should try it! :)

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