Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ruffle Cuff Pant Legs

Just a quickie to share something great I found today.   If you liked my Knot No-Hem Pants tutorial, I'm sure you're going to love these from A Mother Huddle:

This Ruffle Cuff Pants tutorial shows you a great way to transform pants that are either too short or too long into ones that fit and are completely adorable.  I wish I were younger so I could make some of these for myself! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy crafting. :)



  1. @Ashley

    I'm just the messenger! Lol. But I'm glad I shared something you liked. :)

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for posting - I'm going to have to check it out! My daughter is skinny minny and tall - this would be a perfect solution!

  3. @Amanda Anne

    My niece is the same way so I was thinking exactly like you when I saw this originally! :)

  4. Madison! This is too funny, I just pinned your Knot no-hem pants for an upcoming feature and here you are. Carma at it's best I guess.
    Thank you so much for the feature, makes my day. We are getting a featured page set up with our new design, please don't let me forget to include your button!

  5. so cute. Reminds me of something similar I used to do to my jeans in the early 70's.I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Hugs! P.S. I hope you'll stop by Katherines Corner and say hello and enter the giveaway too.

  6. @Destri

    Oh my gosh! That's too funny! I'll be sure to stop by and see it! :)

  7. @Katherines Corner

    I thought they looked kind of retro when I saw them! Glad you liked my blog. Thank you for stopping by. I'll try and visit your blog as well! :)

  8. Love the fabric Madison! Very cute! We can finally break out the jeans!!!


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