Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Puppy Goes to the Pumpkin Patch

 As you know, I've been busy adapting to my first full-time job, so I haven't been doing a lot of crafting, but I hope you've been enjoying the guest posts I lined up for you in the meantime!

I just wanted to pop in on my lunch break today and share a few pictures from my weekend that I snagged off my phone.  They're totally unedited, but I think they're totally cute, anyway!

We got her her own baby pumpkin! Totally ridic, I know.
Thanks for stopping by.  Happy crafting!



  1. awww your pup is so cute! I want to take my puppy to the pumpkin patch now too hehe

  2. How on earth did you get a dog to pose so well in the pumpkin patch, when my 3 year old niece would do nothing of the sort?! These pictures are super cute! Hope your adjustment is going well at your full time job! Congrats!

  3. @Phil and Darby Hawley

    Thank you! You definitely should take your animal baby (as we call them around here) to the pumpkin patch! She had a lot of fun rolling in the hay and trying to get us to throw the little pumpkins. She was confused and thought they were balls. Lol!

  4. @Mallory

    I'm glad you like the pictures because it sure wasn't easy getting them, as I'm very sure it wasn't easy getting pictures of your niece! She didn't sit still for a second. The trick is to snap really quick. You'll get a ton of blurry, awful pictures but you might get one or two good ones if you're lucky! I thought I had a really darling one where she was putting her two front paws up on a pumpkin, but I was accidentally taking a video instead of a picture and then the moment was over. Darn it! We're going to try and take a still out of the video, though, so maybe I'll share later. :)


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