Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guest Post: Halloween Trail Mix

Hello my lovely readers!  Thanks for stopping by!

Today the talented Ashley from Me and My Boys is here to share a spooky snack with you.  But before I let her take it away I just wanted to remind you all to go enter the giveaway for the super hero cape pattern we have going on right now.  
The pattern is customizable and has templates for both boys and girls, making it perfect for Halloween or just for day-to-day dress up.  So go check it out!

And now, without futher ado, here's Ashley!

Hi LADIES! I'm Ashley :) I blog over at Me and My Boys! BUT I am SOOOO excited to guest post here today! I wanted to do something in the HALLOWEEN spirit for ya :) 
I thought to make some HALLOWEEN trail mix.

You will need:
your choice of trail mix
cheese its...or knock off brand (still delicious) 
Halloween candy mix
AND anything else your little heart desires...
then a cute little container to put it all in

I'm all about the cheap brands. I think they taste just as good...and are so much less.

Pour all ingredients into a large bowl and mix it up!

This cute little container I found at our local dollar store and loved it!!!
Pour it in....Easy as that!

Super Duper DELICIOUS! and fun for the Halloween spirit!

If you want to make a cute container you can. I found this tutorial for the jars. This is a little more personal for gifts.

Hope you liked it!!
Come see me at Me and my boys.


  1. thanks girl! i linked back to you as well:) you rock!!

  2. I love this. This looks so dang yummy!

  3. im sure gonna try this. it looks sooo good. i like the off brands too of certain foods anyways. thanks so much for your little recipe, have a great halloween.!!!!


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