Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pink Party Skirt

 It's finished!  I'm really excited to share this one with you because I'm so, so proud of myself.  It turned out really well and I'd say it's my best project yet.  So, presenting the Pink Party Skirt!

This picture situation is getting pretty pathetic.  My iPhone takes better pictures than my current camera, and neither has an auto setting, so I apologize for the horrendous pics.  I am, however, really proud of the new skirt!  Here's a close up.

So, technically I was supposed to tie the sash into a bow, but I have an inability to tie bows.  So it became a knot.  I still think it looks cute.  The sash is also detachable so I can wear the skirt with or without a bow/knot.

I made the skirt from the Party Skirt Tutorial at Creative Spaces.  For the zipper in the back, I used the Invisible Zipper Tutorial from Clever Nesting.   I've decided to do reviews a little differently after this sewing experience.  (I plan on doing 1-10 ratings for different categories and then an overall rating/recommendation.)  You'll get a very detailed review on both the Party Skirt Tutorial and the Invisible Zipper Tutorial soon, and be prepared because it's going to be interesting.

Until then, I'll be proudly wearing my skirt around town (since it's already 85 degrees out here in Florida).  I already wore it to Starbuck's tonight!

See you next time!


  1. If you want, I can take a picture of the back for you. Secretly, I am wondering how you did with the invisible zipper, since my last invisible zipper experience was full of fail. This skirt is absolutely beautiful, and I am so jealous that you made it!!!

  2. Very nice! I love the knot bow.

    At first glance, the skirt reminded me of one of those pairs of really loose pants that have a low crotch and are usually made of stretchy material that kind of look like a nicer version of sweatpants. Do you know what I am talking about? You should make some of those.

  3. Alejandra: Thanks! I'm jealous of your stuff all the time so we're even. Lol. And the zipper was a nightmare. I had to rip it out four times. I almost cried. But I eventually got it. You can read more about it when I post the tutorial review for the zipper. :)

    Cindi: Thank you! :) I think I know what kind of pants your talking about. Do you mean gaucho pants? Google them and tell me if that's what you mean. I could give those a try, but I'd have to make them with jersey knit and jersey knit scares me. But, then, that's probably a good thing. Gotta develop my skillzz.

  4. These are what I meant:

    Harem pants.


  5. They remind me of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Hahaha. I might try that tutorial out. We'll see! :D

  6. i love how the skirt turned out and i love the color! thanks for letting me know. great job!! :)

  7. Thanks, Genevieve. And you're welcome, too! Haha. :)


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