Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Tutorial Review Process

As I mentioned in my status update earlier, I'll now be doing tutorial reviews a little differently.  Instead of just giving you a rundown of what the tutorial was like and either recommending it or not, I'm now going to rate the tutorial on different criteria and then give a final rating and/or reccommendation. So let's talk about the categories.

1.  Accuracy.  The accuracy rating will be based on whether or not the directions and/or pattern in the tutorial are correct and flawless.  Believe it or not, I've encountered tutorials in which the pattern wasn't the correct size or in where the tutorial had been changed but a previous step hadn't been removed, etc.  An accurate tutorial will recieve a rating of 10; an inaccurate tutorial will recieve a rating of 1.

2.  Clarity of Directions.  This rating will be based on how helpful the written instructions in the tutorial are.  If the tutorial's wording is clear, precise, brief and easy to understand the Clarity rating will be a 10; if the tutorial's wording is incomprehensible the clarity rating will be 1.

3.  Helpfulness of Pictures.  When someone isn't there to explain to you how to do something, pictures are probably the next best thing.  The pictures in a tutorial are very crucial to your understanding of the directions.  I'll base my rating for a tutorials' pictures on the following questions:

  • Is the photo of good quality?
  • Does the photo coincide with the written step?
  • Is the picture big enough to see clearly?
  • If the picture is not big enough to see clearly, can it be enlarged?
If the answer is yes to all of these questions, the tutorial's picture rating will be a 10; if the answer is no to all of these questions, the tutorial's picture rating will be a 1.

4.  Difficulty. This rating does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the tutorial.  Instead, it serves as a gauge for sewers of whether the project is achievable for their personal skill level.  A very difficult project will receive a rate of a 10; a very easy project will receive a rate of a 1.

5.  Overall Rating.  This rating is just what it sounds like.  On a whole, how good is the tutorial?  A superb tutorial will be rated 10; an abysmal tutorial will be rated 1.  Most tutorials will probably fall somewhere in between.  If I recommend the tutorial, I will say so here.

So now that you have the low down you'll be prepared for my next posts...the party skirt tutorial review and the invisible zipper tutorial review! Keep your eye out!


  1. Will you consider adding an approximate time length for each project?

  2. I will consider that! I didn't think of it myself but it's a good idea. :)


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