Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sometimes I Want to Throw My Sewing Machine Out a Window

Last night I was about halfway through a big project and my sewing machine quit working.  Sometimes when this happens if I come back later it just magically works, so I went to bed with intentions to finish up the project this morning before the fiance returns home from California.

This is not my actual sewing machine...just a picture from the interwebs!

But this morning the problem persists! It seems to be a problem with the thread not pulling through the bobbin.  I tried changing my bobbin and loosening my tension.  I tried removing everything from the underworkings of my sewing machine and putting it back together.  Nothing.  So I can't finish my project!  It makes me so frustrated!  Any ideas?


  1. ugh! I don't have any ideas other than what you've tried, but I can sympathize. That kind of stuff happens to me all the time! One machine will go crazy on me, so I'll pull out my spare and use it for weeks, convinced that my good machine is broken, and then when I try it one more time, just to see, it's fine. Sewing machines make no sense. Good luck with yours!

  2. Dear Madison, I have sent you an e-mail cause it happened something similar to me and perhaps my answer could help you. Best wishes!

  3. That stinks!!! I hope you figure it out because I would be sad over here thinking that you weren't doing the projects you love :(


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