Monday, December 17, 2012

Cardinal and White Pinecone Wreath

It feels so good to be accomplishing things on my Christmas Craft List!  The first project I conquered was this cardinal and white pinecone wreath.  I got the idea off Pinterest via Better Homes and Gardens (see original project here), but I made it with my own twist!

red bird and white pinecone wreath

The tutorial called for a store bought pinecone wreath, but I thought, "Why pay for a pinecone wreath when I have plenty of pinecones in my own backyard?"  So I picked up bunches and bunches of pinecones, then bought a grapevine wreath at Jo-Ann's with my 40% off coupon.

red bird and pinecone wreath

I laid out the pinecones on the wreath where I wanted them, then used an unprudent amount of hot glue to stick them in place permanently.  I used about half a bag of glue sticks, if you can believe that!

Once everything was all tacked down, I spray painted the whole thing white.  I didn't bother to make sure everything was evenly coated.  I wanted the wood to show through so it looked like it was more frosted than just white.

red bird and white pinecone wreath

Once the paint dried, I put on the red birds and red bells instead of the ornaments the original tutorial called for, both of which I got for 60% off at Jo-Ann's.  And voila!  I think it turned out great, and I'm so excited to hang it in our living room with the rest of our Christmas decor, which is all red and white bird themed. :)

red bird and white pinecone wreath

I hope you're chipping away at your Christmas bucket list!  Thanks for reading.


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  1. This is sooo cute!! I am glad you are doing projects again, so I can live vicariously through you!


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