Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Whimsical Forest Animal Christmas Stockings

Last weekend before we headed up to Missouri to see my family for Christmas, we had an early Christmas between just the two of us, and we got to use the new stockings I made! 

The stockings were too heavy to be hung by the chimney with care...probably because we have no fireplace and I was trying to hang them with 3M strips that weren't for the proper weight limit.

I used the Noodlehead stocking tutorial that I used the last time I made stockings, but I think they turned out a lot better than my first set!  I made a bunch of little felt forest animals with red scarves and hats.  I'm the hedgehog, Tyler wanted to be a moose, and of course my Pomeranian had to be a fox and my tuxedo cat had to be a skunk.  :)  Once I cut out the animals, I hand stitched them to the stockings and added small glass beads for eyes and noses.  I also stitched on little snowflakes while I was at it.

For our names I cheated and took them to a local monogramming store.  I won't lie.  Embroidery is like my least favorite activity ever.  I start mumbling cursewords whenever I for some strange reason decide to take on a large embroidery project.

Once the details were done, I followed the tutorial to sew them all together!  I omitted the extra strip of contrasting fabric between the cuff and the main stocking because I didn't have any red fabric to match my bias tape.  It turned out just fine that way--I just didn't add the two extra inches to the batting when I used the template to cut it out.

They look beautiful all together and I was so excited to use them at our early Christmas!  These photos were so cute I couldn't help but share.  It turns out our little doggie understands how stockings work.

She even knew which one was hers...

And she couldn't wait to open it!

Here's to hoping your Christmas was as joyful as our puppy's!  Thanks for stopping by!  :)



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