Saturday, December 15, 2012

Season's Snapshots: December 11-15

So I've missed a few days worth of photos, but with good reason!  I've been crafting, baking, and Christmas shopping up a storm this week!  I've accomplished three of the five projects on my Christmas Craft List, plus a few others!  I'm so excited to share everything I've done with you when I have time to take the necessary pictures.  In the meantime, here are some snapshots from this week!  (Sorry the pictures are little this time...I uploaded them from my phone.  Hopefully I can swap them out for higher res images soon!)

December 11: Christmas Stockings

I finished the stockings today!  Left this picture black and white to build suspense. :)

December 12: Pinecone Ornament

Took this picture a little blurry when I was trying to text it to my brother while we were on the phone.  It actually looked pretty neat so I kept it. :)

December 14: Hot Cocoa Mix Neighbor Gifts

It turns out it is SO cheap and SO easy to make these!  You've gotta do it--about $2 per gift!

December 15: Wrapped Gifts

After I finished our stockings today, my friend Allison came over to help me wrap all my Christmas presents.  We're doing our "family" (me, my fiance, and the puppy and kitty!) Christmas tomorrow.  We'll be going home to my family in Missouri for real Christmas. :)  I'm so excited to see everyone and go wedding dress shopping with my mom!

Hope you're taking time to enjoy the little things during this holiday season!  See you next time!



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