Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tutorial Review: St. Patrick's Day Garland from Kirstikoo

I had some free time this afternoon and decided to do some quick home decor crafts.  If you're like me, you're probably ready to get down those Valentine's Day decorations and get something up for March.  So I hit Google and found this really cute St. Patrick's Day Garland tutorial over at Kirstikoo.  This is what I came up with:

The tutorial made a pretty long strand of garland.
And I just love the way the cute little buttons look on the end.

So, surprise surprise, today we'll be taking a look at the St. Patrick's Day Garland tutorial from Kirstikoo.  I'm really whipping out these tutorial reviews this week, aren't I?  Anyway, here we go!

Accuracy: 10
Clarity of Directions: 10
Helpfulness of Pictures: 10
Time: ~1 hour
Overall Rating: 10


So this review almost seems a little unfair after the last two reviews I wrote.  But, really, there weren't a whole lot of ways you could go wrong with this tutorial!  I mean, garlands are kind of self-explanatory.  And this one was super simple.

Like the tutorial said, the most time consuming part was cutting out all the felt clovers.  That's where I spent 90% of my time.  The rest was just sewing in a straight line and putting on the buttons!  Simple, simple, simple.  There were lots of good pictures and the directions were well-written if you're a "green" sewer and need to be walked through it.  (Ha-ha-ha...I'm so punny!)

 I do have one important note about the tutorial, though.  The tutorial provided a shamrock template for cutting out all your little clovers.  It was supposed to open in Google Reader, but when I opened it I got a "Server Failed" page.  No worries, though.  Just type "shamrock line drawing" into Google and click on images.  I found this one, saved it and resized it to my liking.  (As a sidenote, that website might be good for seasonal projects later.  Lots of line drawings of holiday things!)

Clearly, this tutorial gets my recommendation.  Simple, quick and a definite home sprucer-upper for March. :)  


  1. Thanks for the review!! I am flattered! Thanks for letting me know about the template, too. For some reason, it always comes up for me... I'll get it figured out!

  2. No worries! Hope you can get it fixed easily. And thanks to you for the decoration idea! :)


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