Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tutorial Review: Party Skirt from Creative Spaces

It's that time again!  Today I'll be reviewing the Party Skirt tutorial from Creative Spaces

This will kind of be a two-step process because instead of writing her own steps for the invisible zipper, the writer at Creative Spaces links you to another tutorial.  I'll review that in a separate post a bit later.  If you didn't get a chance to read my previous post, my party skirt ended up looking like this:

Pretty darn good, huh?  Okay, so I'm still really proud of this one.  But let's get on to the review!

Accuracy:  10
Clarity of Directions:  7
Helpfulness of Pictures:  7
Difficulty:  6.5
Overall Rating: 8.5


First of all, let me just say I would recommend this tutorial to anyone simply because I love, love, love the way my skirt turned out!  But before I got to that point, here's what I experienced.

I read through this tutorial two times before ever getting out my fabric or sewing machine, and I still had some difficulty understanding the directions.  The steps didn't appear to be separated by paragraph or any logical fashion.  Instead, they all sort of ran together.  Maybe it's just me, but if you choose to try this one out, be sure you read through it at least once before starting to avoid making mistakes.  But that's generally a good idea, anyway. :)

As far as the pictures go, they pictures weren't bad pictures, but they didn't always seem to represent the steps which the author was discussing at the time.  In addition, there didn't seem to be a picture for each step.  Luckily in this tutorial it wasn't as necessary to have a picture for each step, so it didn't affect me too much.

Those things aside, though, I loved how easy it was to create my own pattern.  I don't think it could be made any easier than doubling your waist measurement!  Bravo on that, Creative Spaces.  

And did I mention the skirt is absolutely adorable?  This tutorial gets my recommendation!  It was really easy and fun to sew, and the only reason you might consider not doing it is if you're a very new sewer and think you might not be able to conquer that invisible zipper.  So, go on and give it a try if you wanna! :)

P.S. Review of the invisible zipper tutorial is coming tomorrow, so check back if you want the whole picture.


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