Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy Day Skirt-a-thon

First off, sorry if I'm getting a little off my MayFlowers event the past couple of days.  I promise to get more flower tutorials to you.  I've just been on a clothes-sewing kick.  Which brings me to today's post!

Saturday I planned on finishing up a MayFlowers tutorial for y'all, but I woke up to a cloudy day--not ideal for taking pictures, especially with my super-picky-about-light camera.  So instead, after reading this post on Noodlehead, I decided to spend the day sewing a few skirts for my and my boyfriend's nieces. I used the Quick and Easy No-Hem Skirt tutorial from Hickety Pickety

Now, let me tell you, I've been told a few clothes-sewing projects were easy before and found them to be rather difficult.  (Maybe it's just that I'm not that talented.)  But this tutorial really was super easy and super quick, just like it claims to be!  So instead of making just one skirt, I ended up making three!

One in a 2T...

(That fabric's starting to look familiar now, isn't it?)  One in a 3T...

And one in a 4T...

And then it was still raining and I still felt like sewing so I took a stab at a little more challenging skirt that's been on my list for a long time, the Pint-Sized Party Skirt from Creative Spaces.  It turned out pretty cute, too.  Dontcha think? 

And the best part?  Four skirts all made of scrap fabric.  And I already had the elastic on hand, too, which means that I got to spend the whole day in my pajamas sewing!  What a great day. :)

Anyway, if you're wondering about these tutorials now and want to make your own skirts, don't worry.  I'll give you all the details in my reviews coming up later this week.  Until then, happy crafting!


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  1. your pink sized party skirt turned out great! love the color combo


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