Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sand Dollar Bunting

So, I know technically I'm supposed to be posting all about flowers, but I wanted to share this sand dollar bunting I made recently with you.

 After Easter I wanted a nice, summery bunting for my living room since summer is in full swing here in Florida.  I used Happy Together's Felt Sand Dollars tutorial to make 16 felt Sand Dollars.  It turned out to be a bigger feat than I would have originally thought because of the embroidery.  I certainly did not end up making my boyfriend learn how to embroider so that they'd get finished faster.  *ahem*

Anyway, I left off the part of the tutorial about putting backs on them and filling them with a little stuffing because I wanted to be able to sew straight through them, like we did with the St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Garland.  So when I finished embroidering all 16 (which took a couple days) I just sewed them all together...

And added this really cool burlap-y ribbon to both ends with big coral-colored buttons I found on clearance at Jo-Ann's for 50 cents!

I also added this to the shelf above the bunting to pull together the look:

It was cost me nothing to make.  I filled an empty spaghetti sauce jar (so handy to save!) with sea shells we picked up at the beach near my house (and so nice living in Florida!) and tied a bow around it with some jute I had on hand.

The whole look (garland and sea shell jar) only cost me $4, and most of that was the ribbon.  What I nice, inexpensive way to summer-ify a living room.  I just wish all the little birds decorations in my living room were seagulls and albatrosses now.  Lol.

See you again soon with more MayFlowers!  Until next time, happy crafting!



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  2. Love the sand dollar bunting! They look sort of real and compliment the sea themed jar. An understated and elegant look.


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