Friday, May 20, 2011

Sundress with a Sash

Hello my lovelies!  First off, check out my URL!  My boyfriend bought my domain for me, so my website is now  Don't worry, though.  If you type in the old URL you'll be forwarded to the new address. :)

Second, I'm sorry about kind of dropping the MayFlowers thing.  This is what happens when you don't make deadlines for yourself!  Lesson learned.  So I'll try and get some more of the flower tutorials I had in mind to you, but don't count on it or anything.  I've kind of gone off on a clothes-sewing swing and haven't been able to get back on track with the flowers.

Which brings me to today's post...

I made myself a sun dress!  (It at least has flowers on it, right?)  I originally meant for the dress to be the Little Boden Knock-Off Dress (in adult size, of course), but I didn't buy enough fabric.  I had so little fabric, in fact, that I had to leave off the sleeves and the pockets.  I couldn't even cut it A-line!

 But I absolutely adored the fabric and it was the very last of the bolt, so I made the dress with it anyway.  It's not exactly the Little Boden Knock-Off that I intended to make, but I think it still turned out pretty cute.  And I'm really proud because I wore the dress for the first time today and got a compliment on it from a girl who sold me ice cream.

Fun fact: I sewed the elastic in the waist before I sewed the skirt to the bodice, so there's a weird, wonky line in the middle of the dress.  Don't do that if you decide to make the Little Boden Knock-Off.  My solution?  I sewed a sash in some (semi) coordinating fabric wide enough to cover the oopsie. :)

Also, here's me pretending to be a squirell in the dress.

I'm not sure why.
I'll be back soon (hopefully) with a tutorial for you.  Unfortunately, I decided to make the tutorial at 11 o'clock at night and half the pictures turned out terrible, so I might have to re-take them.  But I'll get it to you asap.  Until then, here's a sneak-peak of what's coming up:

OooOoo!  What could it be?  It's a mystery! Check back soon to find out. :)

Until then, happy crafting.



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