Friday, June 3, 2011

Toddler Shirt with Lunar Bow

So, I lied a little bit when I said I hadn't really sewn anything except those shorts lately.  I have, in fact, sewn a disastrous toddler shirt.  Ever make so many mistakes sewing something that it makes you laugh?  That's what happened with this one.

It's the top I was trying to put buttonholes on and I made so many mistakes that I eventually started laughing until I cried.

First I ironed the fusible interfacing all wonky.  Then it ended up being a size too big so I had to sew down the side seams and trim off the excess and cut off some length at the bottom before hemming. 

And about the buttonholes?  I never did get them right, so I ended up sewing the two sides together and faking the button.  It looks pretty awful since you can still see the messed up non-buttonhole (that I wasn't able to remove with my seam ripper) and the stitching where I sewed the front and the back together.  Oh well?

I also was a little bit of a drunk fisherman (as my best friend's mom that even a real expression?) when sewing the hem.  Not only is it super crooked/wavy, but the start and the finish don't line up.  I mean, look at this!

My boyfriend told me I should just abandon the project and start over once I got to that point.  But I'd already made my lunar bow using a Happy Together tutorial, and I was determined to get it all together since I didn't have enough of that fabric to start over.  So I kept going, but when I went to sew down the lunar bow I sewed the front of the shirt to the back.  I showed it to my boyfriend and we both just started cracking up.  

I was able to rip out that stitching, at least, and eventually got the lunar bow fastened correctly, albeit a little crookedly.

All in all, I guess it kind of turned out?  Maybe?

At least it matches the knot no-hem carpi pants I made.  I don't know if Tyler's niece will actually end up wearing it, but, damn it, I tried!  Lol.  Do you all ever have a sewing project that just goes wrong like this one?

Hope your crafting projects are going better than mine have been this week.  Until then, happy crafting!



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