Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sewing Slump and Bermuda Shorts

I knew I shouldn't have broken my one-post-a-day two-week-long streak, because now I've gone into a kind of sewing slump so posts aren't happening as much.  But based on what I've been seeing in the blogosphere, a lot of people are in a slump right now, too.  Maybe it's the heat?  (I know here in Florida it's already in the high 90s every day.  Oi.)

Anyway, remember how I shared that I was going to turn this into a bunch of bermuda shorts for my nieces and nephews?

 Well, I keep sitting down to sew them, but lose motivation before I've even got my pattern all unfolded.  So far my plaid fabrics have only manifested into one pair of shorts.  But I thought I'd go on and share them with you all since I know you miss me soooooo much.  (Aw, c'mon.  Play along!)

I used the same basic Simplicity pattern I always use, but I embellished with a few things that were not part of the pattern.  I added belt loops...


And those little loopy-buttony things at the bottom. (I'm not sure what they're really supposed to be called.)  I did make a little measuring faux pas with that part of the project.  You may have noticed up in the first picture how the one on the right side of the pants shows and the one on the left doesn't when the shorts are laying flat.  Whoopsie!  But I think they still turned out pretty cute, anyway.  :)

Well, I hope you're not in a sewing slump, but if you are stick around because I kicked myself in the butt today and made you a really quick, easy cute tutorial that I'll be sharing later this week.  Oh boy!  Until then, happy crafting!



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