Friday, April 29, 2011

Tutorial Review: Journal Jars from MADE

I actually made some journal jars from MADE way back in December.  It's another one of Dana's genius ideas--a jar full of writing prompts to help you create your own memoir to pass along to whomever.  I made and gave one to my step-sister for Christmas.  She has a (now) 2-year-old daughter.  She'll use the journal jar to help her record her memories and when her daughter is grown, she'll give her the journal to read about her heritage.  My step-sister was thrilled to share the gift with her daughter, so I stowed away this tutorial review for Mother's Day.

Well, guess what?!  Mother's Day is here!  I think this gift would be great for mothers of young children and grandmothers alike, so here comes a tutorial review! 

Click "Read More" below to get the run-down on this project.

First, let me just say I didn't quite follow all of Dana's directions.  Instead of using Mod Podge and pretty paper to decorate my jar's lid, I did something a little different.  I picked out the journal first.  Then I took the journal to FedEx Office and had them make a copy of the journal's cover and print it on sticker paper. 

 When I got home, I simply traced the lid onto the sticker paper and cut out the circle. 

 Then all I had to do was peel the wax paper off the back and stick the print to the lid of the jar. 

 Voila!  A jar lid that perfectly matched the journal. 

Also notice that I attached some pretty scrapbook paper to the jar with ribbon (see the it lurking in the background of the next to last picture?).  I used a pretty font to print instructions on how to use the jar to the paper.  I used the same font and another pretty printer paper to print the prompts for inside the jar.

So now that you know I didn't exactly follow the tutorial, here's the review.

Accuracy: 10
Clarity of Directions: 10 
Helpfulness of Pictures: 10 
Difficulty: 1 
Overall Rating: 10
Time: ~30 min.


You really couldn't go wrong with this tutorial.  Dana's directions are clear and precise, and the project is so easy that even the kids could help Dad make this one for mom (or mom could help the kids make one for grandma!). 

Plus, it's so quick to complete that you could even whip one together on Mother's Day morning before breakfast in bed, although I don't recommend it. ;)  Be sure to keep in mind that if you follow Dana's Mod Podge instructions, dry time will make the project take much longer than it took me, so prepare accordingly based on your method.

Easy?  Check!  Sentimental?  Check!  Mom will love it?  Check!  So go ahead and try this one out for Mother's Day.

Happy Crafting and Happy (early) Mother's Day! :)


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