Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tutorial Review: Rolled Rosettes from Happy Together

Hello to my eleven readers.  (Jeez, I am such a dork.)  A few days ago I made a post about some fabric flower hair pieces I made as gifts.  Today I'll be reviewing the rolled rosettes from Happy Together.  Here are the rolled rosettes I made:

 Let's get started!  Click "read more" to see the review.

Accuracy: 10
Clarity of Directions: 10 
Helpfulness of Pictures: 10 
Difficulty: 1 
Overall Rating: 10
Time: ~10 min. / flower


Like the loopy flower, this flower was so simple and so versatile.  I actually ended up saving the big pink one for myself.  It's made of the scrap fabric from my pink party skirt and I want to put it on a pin to attach to my cardigan when I wear it.

The directions for this tutorial suggested two methods for making the flower stay together.  You could either hot glue it as you went, or you could sew it down.  I tried both methods and found that the sewing resulted in a much neater finished project, although the hot gluing was much faster, easier and secure.  Maybe I'm just a messy hot gluer, but my hot glued flowers looked like this:

See the hot glue in places?  The flower I sewed looked like this:

Note:  The largest pink flower is the sewn one.  I forgot to take a picture of it by itself.  I'll get to that later. :)
See how much better it looks when you sew?  The reason I ended up hot gluing, though, was because it's a little faster and I'm kind of lazy.  So, if you're lazy like me, maybe you want to hot glue.

I've got no qualms with this tutorial.  Great instructions.  All I have to say is be careful when hot gluing!  I always seem to burn my fingers.  Ouch!

Until next time, happy crafting.


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