Saturday, August 6, 2011

Antiquing in Missouri

One day while we were in Missouri I went antiquing with my mom.  Normally I find antiquing boring, but I was surprised what I good time I had this time!  We found sooo many neat things!  (See?  I used multiple O's, implying that there were a lot a lot of neat things.)  Here are just a few things I thought you all, as crafters, might also find neato burrito:

Antique sewing bust.

Antique tailor's measuring tape.

This was the most awesome thing ever to hold thread...

...except it was $400.
 Click "read more" for the rest of this super long post full of pics! :)

All kinds of antique sewing notions and fabric.

This is a tailor's ham, which I'd never heard of until my mom explained it to me.
We also spotted this beautiful antique filing cabinet, which I thought would be great for my future-lawyer boyfriend.  Alas, it was $4000 and that wasn't quite in my budget.  Lol.

And then there were these beautiful fans:

And this funny handkerchief:

So cute!

And of course there were a ton of other awesome things we saw.  Vintage sewing patterns and fabrics, a giant wood and glass display case, tables made out of old non-electric singer sewing machines, and a coffee table that looked a lot like this one from Pottery Barn I'd been longing for:

Image Source.
Sorry, I didn't snap a picture of the antique (because we got kicked out of the shop because they were closing...).

I wished I could take home all of it with me, but since we had limited space in the car (and limited budgets), I only ended up with two couple things.  These cool vintage clothes hangers:

 I figured I could use them as decor in my new sewing room (more on that later!).

And I also spotted this really awesome, old 7-Up crate:

It's the same concept as these that they sell at Pottery Barn...

Image Source.
 ...except it's real and I only paid $7 for this one instead of $24!  It adds a fun touch to my living room decor, plus it's useful for stashing DVDs and an umbrella (since I have it right next to the front door).

I'm pleased with my finds and happy to say I think I'll be doing more antiquing!  Until next time, happy crafting!


P.S. Sorry about the quality of these pictures...I didn't have time to edit them and most of them were snapped with my phone.


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