Sunday, August 14, 2011

Steel Lantern Surprise Package

I went out to check the mail a couple days ago and this was at my door:

My oh-so-sweet mom sent me 4 steel lanterns!  (Okay, so maybe they're not steel but the look like steel).  I was so surprised and excited so immediately put them out on my screened in patio.

They really match the 1960s Battleship Gray concrete floors and juxtaposed against the wooden lattice they give the patio a really modern feel.

At the bottom of the box my mom also put some Citronella tea lights for the lanterns (and all the dadgum buggies here in Florida!), plus a couple home magazines.  One of them was a landscaping magazine to help me with my backyard projects.

I realized this picture was blurry after I uploaded it and was too lazy to re-take.  Sorry!
 She even bookmarked the pages she thought I'd like.  Aww.  I <3 my mom!

Here's to hoping your day is full of surprises!  Happy crafting and thanks for reading. :)



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