Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dontcha hate it when you run out of time?

I know yesterday on Facebook I promised a refashioning post for y'all today, and I really did do the project!  Unfortunately, I wasn't finished around 7:30 and had to make a choice between walking the dog and taking pictures for the post since the sun's been going down earlier and earlier these days.   Hey, I'm not complaining if it means fall weather will get here soon.  I'm so tired of this 100 plus degree weather! 

Of course, Poppy (as we call Monica sometimes) came first. So we went on a romp around the neighborhood....

And rolled in our favorite stinky spot.

And before we knew it the sun was down and it was too late for me to take any pictures for you! :(

But don't worry!  I'll be back tomorrow with a post for you.  Plus, I have a few more awesome plans just waiting to be executed over the next couple weeks.  I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

See you tomorrow!



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